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Technical Specs

For your information a “Tool Eye” is nothing more than a normally closed switch, think of it as a precision light switch.
The simple method to check your tool eye is to disconnect it from your machine, place a ohm-meter across the wires. It should read a short, exercise the the plungers and you will see the meter go to an open circuit. If there is any sticking you will see the meter not move, or it will be jerky. Before sending any unit back please check to make sure you do not have a wiring or control board issue.
You are responsible for properly Calibrating your new Tool Eye, complete information is in your machine manual, or simply use any search engine to find shortcuts for Calibrating and setting your Parameters. The Tool Eye will not work properly unless you do your job.
It is most important that you correctly set your parameters, and Re-Calibrate, for any tool eye to properly function. We do not furnish those instructions. Contact your Machine Manufacturer, or call your favorite repair facility. Our units are properly checked before they leave our facility and are proven to work on thousands of machines, it is your responsibility to install the unit properly.

Touch Sensor Characteristics

Contact Normally closed Silver Plated
Repeatability 1 pm (.0004″) with speed of 6 mm/s
Contact rating 24 V DC + 25%; 2 amps min.
Overtravel 2 mm
Probing Force 1,47 + 0,25 N
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