Omron Probe

Omron Probe You'll find all the information you need regarding your Omron probe when you visit Tool Eye online. We design and manufacture re-buildable cnc tool setters according to a higher standard compared with other companies. Call us with your questions- we'll be happy to direct you to the right tools that will last a lifetime.

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Push Button Switches

Shamrock Controls, Div. of Burns Controls Co.
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Dallas TX 75244 US

Trust Shamrock Controls for quality push button switches in a wide range of sizes and configurations. We carry push bottom switches from TC Electrics, Stern Engineering, and Autonics, to ensure you have access to quality options as you shop for the right products for your upcoming project's application. Shamrock Controls, Div. Of Burns Controls Co.

Pvc Edging
Do you need custom PVC edging? You can count on Marsand Workshop for your project. They use 0.4mm to 3mm thick edge banding tapes that come in a vast range of colors and textures which can be applied to various boards. This offers a solid and robust material with high stability and is recyclable. Find out more about pic edging at Marsand Bespoke Limited