Omron Probe

Omron Probe

Omron sensors are essential for detecting, measuring, analyzing, and processing various changes at production sites. They will record details of length, displacement, height, position, and appearance. These measurements are essential for preventing future issues by correcting small procedural errors. 

Omron has a variety of sensors. They perform functions that vary according to the following functions, and will usually fit into the following categories:

  • Diffuse reflective
  • Through-beam
  • Retro-reflective
  • Distance settable
  • Built-in
  • Separate amplifiers 

Types of Omron probes

Omron 7mm proximity sensor with standard shielding

It has a sensing distance of 7mm and a voltage of 12 to 24 VDC. These standard sensors can detect ferrous metals and will accommodate a wide array of variations. There are several models of devices to prevent interference due to mutuality.


These sensors help prevent disconnection and take measurements in harsh environments due to the oil-resistant PVC surface material. The cable protection is a standard feature in all the variations that resists several elemental properties apart from oil.

Photoelectric sensor diffuse reflective

The range of sensors is quick and straightforward to mount while setting up the large adjuster and high-powered LED indicator. It is easy to monitor the calibrations because the LEDs are easily identifiable from a distance. This Omron probe is standard in industrial environments like food and beverage, food and logistics, and textiles. They are also perfect for non-stop detection where machines should never stop. 

Reflective photosensor

It has a voltage of 12 to 24 VDC and a sensing distance of between five and fifteen millimeters. The sensor provides power supply and a control output-reverse polarity protection which prevents mutual interference and short-circuiting. 

Omron red LED photo sensor

The sensor has a detection range of between 400mm and 4m. It is one of the newer photoelectric sensors by the brand. The product is standard in a variety of industries, such as material handling, ceramics, and packaging.

Proximity sensors

It has a length of 1.25mm and small diameters of 3mm, 6.5mm, and 4mm. The long sensing distances are conducive for high performances that involve detecting ferrous metals. It is easy to install LED indication on the sensors and therefore enable sharp detection timing. All Omron E2 and E3 range of sensors have open output configuration and mountable flushes. 

Omron NPN photo microsensor

The sensors have a prewired model that uses a connector. They operate at currents between 50 Ma and 100 Ma, by switching the capacity to accommodate the built of the application. 

Omron proximity sensor

This Omron sensor operates at a voltage of 30 VDC. It has a 4mm inductive sensing setting with a PNP output. The all-round visible indicator has a short barrel length-sensing object. The LED is yellow and visible transparent at a relatively average distance.

Proximity sensor OMC

OMC is an E2A series sensor. It has a safe mounting and great sensing distance of approximately 1.5 to two times more than the average sensor. The sensor uses high-frequency oscillations and is highly resistant to heat, water, and chemicals.

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