Omron D5f

Omron D5f

Imagine a situation where you do not have to be present to monitor the operations of the electronics. One would be opening the fridge door, and the light glows up, and closing the door for light to go off automatically. This setup is conducive for easing the operation of a fridge as well as saving energy. The device that enables these processes is the limit switch. 

How do we use limit switches?

Limit switches are present in plenty of everyday electrical appliances at work and the domestic sphere. Switches are standard outside the home at control cabins like doors that have an alarm where they open. 

They are also common in heavy industrial appliances like conveyor belts. These belts are useful in monitoring the process of packaging, loading, and transportation over long distances. They have the required level of precision that is suitable for performing large-scale tasks without missing a micro measurement.   

Application of high precision switches like the Omron d5f from Tool Eye includes the following:

  • Positioning and controlling the automatic travel of machine tools
  • Transfer lines at industries and areas like the airport
  • Transport equipment
  • Gantries 

How are limit switches useful?

The primary function of a limit switch is to connect a circuit using other objects. The working principle of the device activates considerable power with small features. The activation emphasizes the predetermined area of coverage for the circuit. 

The limit switch has two contacts.

  • Normally closed – One contact will be active when the button is open
  • Normally open 

Mechanical switches with a high precision use a cam or a trip dog. The repeatability with a chisel plunger can be 0.002m when the switch and cam are safely secure in the application.

Advantage of precision switches

  • Omron d5f switches are conventional because they have better precision
  • They have dry contact and contact closure that integrates easily with emergency stop strings and servo-controlled positioning systems
  • They are expendable because you can have up to twelve switches when they have multiple positions. This setup is an advantage over proximity switches because the later tends to register cross talk.
  • They are suitable for dense industrial environments and can switch loads with high inductance
  • They have proven accuracy measurement and repeatability
  • They require little energy
  • They can control multiple loads

What to watch out for a while using limit switches

  • Limit switches of all types have a general restriction to operate at low speeds
  • They have to make direct contact with the target to continue with a smooth operation
  • Moving mechanical parts will cause faster wearing out. Other engineers believe that mechanical nature is the single quality that will keep the limit switches running for longer
  • Limit switches tend to be justifiably more expensive than proximity sensors. This case is because they will have a DC power supply
  • Poor quality by substandard manufacturers will expose your processes to more weaknesses than necessary. Tool Eye has an original high-quality Omron d5f that works excellent for both small and heavy large-scale tasks. More so, acquiring our tools will safeguard you against common shortcomings of average precision limit switches.


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